09 March 2008

Spring Cleaning

A couple of days back the hostel administration decided to do away with the old wiring system that has been around since Soviet times.

We were given a few days of prior notice before renovation began, and we were to be evicted by all means. Old wiring was to be replaced so wall-drilling was to be done, and it would be really messy.

Some of us, however, were not given an alternative place to stay for the few nights.

My roommates and I weren't pleased, as we went about ranting for a while. But considering the fact that hostel accommodation was partly sponsored by the Russian government, we did shut up a little.

We pay MYR600 (approximately USD188) per year in hostel fees. Water and electricity bills are subsidised by the state government.

That means we pay only MYR2 (USD0.63) per night for our whole 10 months here!

It couldn't get any better than this, unless you enrol yourself in your local town prison.

Renovation started with us moving out our belongings and furnitures.

Rubbish, furnitures and tools littered the hallway.

Furniture that was too large to be removed had to be moved away to from the walls to the center of the room.

Beds were made to stand upright.

Renovation took 2 days. My wallpaper was ripped apart, walls carved into for new wiring and worst of all, they replaced my bright flourescent lamps for incandescent tungsten lightbulbs!

Apparently, Russians love lightbulbs. Its poor lighting hides furniture defects and unsightly uncleanliness of the room, just as the rest of the world is about to phase out lightbulbs.

Oh crystalballs of light, tell me when will the Russians ever modernise.

We took the entire evening sweeping, vacuuming and moping the floor, and rearranging our furniture.

A good spring cleaning for the room.

Lastly, it was time to lay the carpet.

The last hurdle.

Maybe I should have laid it before moving the furniture.

What should I do now? I'm already so tired!


I give up.


breezy said...

spring cleaning! nice! and i like your furniture..the bed with ur study table under it! it save a lot of space..i wish i could have it too...haha...good job done for ur cleaning!

Aleckii said...

I think that groupmate of mine is officially infatuated with you. Be careful, stay a safe distance away by all means! Ahha!

Spring cleaning can do some good, better than my room... which needed a spring cleaning 5 years ago... For example, ask me where is the remote control of my TV? It's going to take me 5 to 10 minutes to locate it. Or ask me where the charger of my handphone battery? At least another 10 minutes...

Aleckii said...

I've forgotten how your room looks. David moved out right? Who is your 3rd roommate now?

Sharon said...

^^ Poor hong weng.... never knew this side of you.....


Anonymous said...

I bet you wished you were in Penang when M and I gave you Thai back massages,huh?




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