04 March 2008

Countryside Hospital

The cold winter is gone. It's spring and today is a beautiful day.

Our next course of study took us to a remote specialist hospital at the countryside.

A bus trip to the terminal brought us to the end of Svetlaya Street, a rural side of town.

It's a blast to the past with a car like that.

A couple of minutes further from there and we reached a crossroad of a railway track.

Railway crossing dead ahead.

The railway track, as usually built on raised ground, offered a pleasant view of the vast Russian countryside.

A long winding way.

Getting to our destination required us to travel along the railway track. Apparently, this railway route has not been used for a long time hence its rusting surface. If locomotion were constant and consistant, the metal bars would be of smooth and shiny surface.

Then again, engineers were said to be maintaining it from time to time. Intriguing.

Hop over the platforms, tread above the metal bar, or just walk along the dirt trail.

An uneventful 20-minutes walk.

On one side of the track were village houses dotting the far-stretched land to the forest beyond.

Typical land mass of a huge country.

And on the other were agricultural farms preparing for cultivation and town development in the distance.

Let's pray for a good harvest this year.

The last hurdle before reaching our destination was to cross a railway bridge, which stood approximately 150 meters over a river.

Like the bridge over the River Kwai.

It offered no firm hand rails or sidewalks, and its precariously gaping-spaced wooden planks were all that separated a person from the cold placid water below. A wrong step and one might fall in.

Mind your steps.

A brisk moment of adrenaline rush and then it's off the railway track into tar road with the hospital in sight.

Brown grass, leafless trees of post-winter.

The hospital was built during the Soviet era, with characteristic unaesthetic designs and simple architecture.

The grand entrance into the hospital.

Untouched by the influence of modern day complexity, the interior of the hospital showcased traditional Russian arrangement, not unlike a cosy Russian home.

The cafeteria by the hallway.

And so this would be travelling to and fro for another 2 weeks. Let's hope the spring flowers bloom soon.

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Aleckii said...

You think that's tough? Try walking the same path SMACK in the MIDST OF WINTER!

We had to skid, slide, trod, prod, swim, paddle, waddle, walk, jog, hop our way across, ok?


My post on the same journey, just different season...


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