17 March 2008

Sudden Snow

Russia is known for its cold, bleak and harsh winter. When one mentions about the country of Russia, it is very often stereotypical for people to associate with Siberia, where winter never seems to end – knee-deep snow in the background of a pounding blizzard.

Cliché as it seemed, this assumption is true. Not only is the winter harsh, but also unpredictable. And when it does snow, it comes blitzkrieg-styled. A sudden snowfall today precisely demonstrated this.

Be reminded that, as stated in my previous posts, winter has passed and spring has arrived.

It was supposed to be a fine sunny afternoon as I was preparing to return home from the hospital after class.

Snowflakes are falling on my head.

As I turned around, the building roof was already completely covered with snow.

People scurrying for cover.

As I reached the main road to take the bus, road vehicles were already partially topped with snow.

Vehicles usually don't get affected by snow. Their hot running engines thaw snow quicker than snow can accumulate.

I'd like icing sugar on my cheesecake, please.

As I alighted, I couldn't help but stare in awe of the beauty of the landscape, yet felt disturbed by the result of just one day's worth of snowfall.

Boulevard beauty.

The wind was howling mad, but wasn't strong enough to shake off so much snow from the tree branches.

It was just yesterday that I hoped to see the spring flowers bloom today.

Snowfall got heavier as the day progressed.

Before I retreated into the refuge of my hostel, I took one last glance over my shoulder.

It's all white again.

As the entrance door slammed behind me, I found myself drenched wet. But at least I survived the onslaught and lived to tell the tale.



Christina Liew said...

Touch the snow and smell the breeze for me please...

And tell me how it feels the next time we meet....

breezy said...

Nice pictures..

Mia Blog4me said...

wow snow.. did you play snow ball??


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