08 March 2008

Food Fest

The Malaysian Students Association held a food fest Jom Kita Makan-makan today at the multipurpose hall of the Pre-medical Faculty today, with the aim of raising organisation funds and setting up an emergency fund to help the needy.

The target group of this fest was obviously Malaysian students, but groups of other nationalities joined the event, notably those of Russian and Asian origin.

The even was launched at 1:30 p.m. and saw an encouraging respond from the masses.

The large hoard of crowd cramming in the hall.

About 8 stalls were set up selling an array of food, from chocolate cookies to fried chicken and from traditional noodle soup to exotic sushi.

Can't get too much of curry rice and burgers.

You could hear students hawking away for desirous customers and potential buyers striking scrumptious deals.

Show me the money: homemade cookies and nasi lemak.

People were hungry and would gobble down food like there was famine. Food were snapped up quickly like how food aids to the impoverished were instantly dispersed.

Better than hotcakes: sushi was one of the fastest selling.

Later I sneaked into the nearest kitchen to see how production was doing.

Potential chefs were scrambling to meet the demands of hungry people. It was a frantic rush and food were hurriedly churned out like the once mighty Soviet industrial machinery.

Work harder! The daily quota must be met!

Towards the end of the fest, a prize giving ceremony was held to award the champions of the recent MyGames!Winter07 Malaysian sporting event.

Winners posing smugly for the cameras.

The galore was a tastebud teasing event. The crowd was great, and the food was excellent. Just like the good old days of school Hari Kantin.

And yes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I returned home a satisfied man.

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