14 February 2008


It's been a while since I last wrote a blog post. I guess if it wasn't for the encouragement of fellow friends, I would have continued to rot, grew moss on my back, and wasted my intellect away.

I used to blog, but only on thoughts and opinions. My blogs were those which were based on abstract thinking, such as opinion, criticism and rhetoric. But those were too deep and difficult to conceive on regular basis. Writing a good one was a tedious process.

I never liked bloggers who talked too much on their mundane daily lives – like what they ate for breakfast, or whether they liked their neighbour's shoes; it felt like being part of their bitching habits. Although I got to say that I do respect their choice and freedom of speech, I do think that the blogger did not understand what good blogging is all about.

My idea of a good blog is one that narrates a meaningful story or event. It should not only tell of a happening of a person's daily life and chores, but should also be accompanied by intellectual opinion, constructive criticism or provocative arguments; and be complemented by creative photography.

Anyway, after a long thought, I've decided to blog again. I don't know how long I would last, or whether I could bear the required tenacity. But I guess time will tell, sooner or later. This time I'll just sit back and relax, and write whatever I think is appropriate – as long as I uphold my principles.

For a start, anything goes, so I'll just introduce some basic essentials about myself.

This is the view from where I live:

Nice, but too cold to walk out in shorts and flip-flops.

And this is what I wear sometimes:

I like them green, and they are more comfortable than pyjamas.

Guess where I live and what I do for a living?


BlueStar said...

Asylum of the Sane? hmm sounds so familiar, isn't it the title of your previous blog? the friendsters one??
hey frankly speaking, yours are much more 'quality' than mine, keep it up! I'll share with you more and with your talent, i'm sure you'll have what you wish to have soon =D you can make great things out there!
ohya, please link me too, I've just added your link in my blog, check it out!
Juz add me as BlueStar, and url as www.elven91.blogspot.com thanks~!

Cya around~ have a nice day!

shuhow said...

well,i had those bad experience too,walking pass the railway track,and got no idea when the train will pass by,really an adventurous experience,=)

Anonymous said...

Russia, hospital.


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